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Teaching with Technology

SCU provides and supports a selection of technologies that allow teaching staff to create and deliver engaging unit content to students, communicate with students and enable effective group and class interactions, perform and process assessment activities electronically, store assessment results, provide feedback, and monitor and manage student progress.

The teaching technologies provide students with access to learning resources at a time and place of their choosing regardless of their mode of study. Classes can meet and engage synchronously without requiring on-campus attendance.

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Blackboard contains a suite of tools that relate to the four major areas of learning: content creation, assessment, collaboration and student management.

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Collaborate lets you to create and teach in virtual classrooms and meeting spaces in REAL time so you can reach more students, wherever they are.

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Mediasite is a lecture capture system that enables you to record, edit and publish video and audio of presentations, including computer-based presentation materials.

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Turnitin is text-matching software used to develop and promote best academic practice as well as reduce the incidence of plagiarism in assessment submissions.

This is the best unit I have ever studied in terms of enjoyment and the quality of my learning experience. Online sessions enriched my learning experience tenfold. They added an additional layer to my learning which I had not experienced before. Thank you.
-- student testimonial